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cheshire (jade nguyen)
She was a rival to the Teen Titans, but when Roy Harper (Speedy) was ordered by the government to gain Cheshire's trust and turn her over to the authorities, the two fell passionately in love. She did not know his true identity at the time. Roy didn't want to put her in danger and also wasn't able to turn her in, so he walked out on her with no explonation. He didn't know Jade was pregnant with his child. She gave birth to a daughter, Lian Harper, who Jade loved but could not care for due to her mercenary ways. She later left Lian behind to be raised by Roy, partially due to love she still felt for him. Jade returned to her mercenary ways, saving Deathstroke so he would aid her in a plot to steal nuclear weapons from Russia to obliterate the Middle East country of Qurac. These plans failed when her base was attacked and she had to flee. Cheshire later created her own team, the Ravens.

Cheshire volunteered to join Vandal Savage's team, Tartarus, focused on destroying the Titans. During a confrontation with the Titans and the H.I.V.E, Savage shot Cheshire to distract Arsenal. She recovered, but because of her crimes, such as destroying Qurac, she was taken into custody and sentenced to life imprisonment. The Ravens broke her out but Roy forced her back in.

She later worked with the Secret Six and had sexual relations with Catman, becoming pregnant. But when she betrayed the team to Lex Luthor's society she was shot and critically wounded by Deathstroke. Though she seemed to be dead, she showed up alive in the Himalayas with her and Blake's son, Thomas Blake, Jr.

She then worked with Vandal Savage again, putting hits on the members of the Secret Six, minus Catman. Eventually she took matters into her own hands and stabbed the Mad Hatter with a poisoned knife. She bartered the antidote with Catman for her own safety.

She was later seen in prison receiving a visit from Roy and Lian. She was then seen as a member of the Injustice League Unlimited, but then disappeared, most likely sent to Planet Hell, a distant prison planet, to which Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad has been sending villains.


KEY: unlocked in CV | unlocked in AU | unlocked in au & cv

abilities • mixed martial arts
• poison specialist

items • sais
• poison claws

memories • cheshire
• ravens
• secret six

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